Markets Served

Quality Inspection - PaintedAkron Steel Treating is proud to serve over 1,000 different metal working companies - from two man machine shops to multinational companies. Our quality standards and certifications allow AST to heat treat commercial products, tools and dies, automotive parts, heavy machinery components, firearms and aerospace and department of defense parts. Additive manufactured and 3D printed parts are welcome at Akron Steel Treating!  We are constantly evolving and ​enjoy the challenge to create new processing solutions.  Every day we treat parts as simple as raw material stock to parts as complex and critical as airplane wheel and brake parts.

The type of steel used to make a part affects the hardening response and mechanical properties after heat treating.   The following PDF explains the effects of major alloying elements have when added to iron and carbon by the steel maker. 

Call the experts at AST at 330-773-8211 to discuss the heat treating response we would expect for the chosen alloy steel used for your steel parts.