Why AST?

Proudly integrating ​our services to Industry 4.0 companies, Akron Steel Treating is a full service heat treating provider and experienced metallurgical consulting resource. We provide the right heat treatment, whether in controlled atmosphere, molten salt bath or vacuum furnaces; with water, oil, molten salt or gas quench. We can help your engineering team with issues of material selection, part design and the myriad of other part manufacturing details that interrelate to our heat treating processes. That breadth of our collective experience is our "Consultative Sale." AST offers consultation before, during and after the sale; it is one of AST's unique, value-added tools our team at Akron Steel Treating has to help our customers compete in today's highly competitive world.

We also provide ancillary services to heat treating, such as hardness testing, lab testing, flattening, blasting, inspection and other related value added services. AST has daily pick-up and delivery from a local Black Oxide provider to seamlessly provide black oxide services to our customers after heat treatment.

Heat treating of metals is AST's specialty. Akron Steel Treating employs many experienced heat treaters, who deal with hundreds of different kinds of metal alloys, whether wrought, forged or cast. We see literally millions of different parts, for thousands of different applications each year!

We invite you to Contact Us and put AST's metallurgical knowledge and heat treating skills to work for your Company.