Hardened and Polished Metal   Metal Gear

Akron Steel Treating is proud to offer the following computer controlled capabilities:

Furnace Types – Computer Controlled

  • Vacuum Furnaces with Nitrogen and Argon Pressure Gas Quench
  • Integral Quench/ Endo Gas or Nitrogen Gas Atmosphere Furnaces with Oil or Intensive Water Quench
  • Salt Baths

Hardening Services – Quench and Temper

  • Controlled Atmospheres
  • Furnace to Air, Oil, Water Quench, or IntensiQuench®
  • Vacuum/ Controlled Gas Quench – Nitrogen or Argon
  • Neutral Salt Bath
    • Automated Handling
    • Austempering
    • Marquenching
  • Precipitation Hardening
    • Artificial Aging

Case Hardening

  • Precision Gas Carburizing
    • Localized carburizing
    • PLC controlled atmosphere

Carbontriding – Integral Quench Furnaces

Carbon Restoration

Annealing/ Thermal Stress Reliving

  • Full
  • Homogenize
  • Isothermal Anneal
  • Sub-critical Anneal

Thermal Treatment for Plastics

Cryogenic/ Deep Freeze Treatments to -300°F

Quality and Inspection

  • Gauging and Sorting
  • Laboratory Testing
    • Rockwell
    • Superficial Rockwell
    • Brinell
    • Tukon Micro-Hardness - Knoop
    • Metallographic Examination
  • Metal Treating Institute trained Heat Treat Specialists

Additional Services

  • Blast Cleaning
  • Heat Treat for the Non-Heat Treater Seminars – presented at AST or Customer locations
  • Metallurgical Consulting Services
  • Specialty fixtures – Jig/ Flat Tempering
  • Black Oxide available
  • Pick-up and Delivery