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Professional Heat Treating vs. DIY/Captive Heat Treating

May 05, 2022

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. You don’t want your manufacturing business to be a Jack of all trades; you want to be known for what you’re excellent at instead of stretching your resources to cover every area of your operations. 

Manufacturers who are looking for ways to run their business leaner, reduce overhead, and fine tune their operations ought to look at outsourcing some of their manufacturing process as a real, viable option to increasing their bottom line. This is especially true of the heat treatment process. In-house heat treatment is both labor and capital-intensive, and all of the resources you funnel into this process are resources that aren’t being used to support key areas of your business.

Here’s why you should consider outsourcing your heat treatment to someone like Akron Steel Treating:

Reduce In-House Overhead

Have you taken a look at how expensive your internal heat treatment process is? To keep heat treatment in-house increases your utility costs and labor costs. Heat treatment operations require regular and expensive maintenance as well as adherence to strict safety and environmental regulations, all of which differ greatly from the rest of your facility’s machines. It’s one more process to maintain, one more folder of specs, one more report, one more station to maintain.

Focus Training on What Makes You Great

To be executed properly, heat treatment requires particular specialization and training that differ substantially from other positions on your manufacturing floor. It’s hard enough to find dedicated laborers and train them in your primary manufacturing roles, let alone tracking down and training people in yet another area of specialization, like heat treatment. Spend your time and energy training your laborers in the areas that matter most to the success of your business: your core product, not some easily outsourced part of the finishing process.

Spend Your Dollars Where It Counts

All that maintenance on heat treatment and cash funneled into heat treatment laborers is replaced by a single line item on your budget sheet when you outsource. Reallocate all of the cash you save by outsourcing heat treatment and funnel it back into your core operations. Your bottom line and your employees will be happier.

Forget about Heat Treatment Regulations

When you outsource your heat treating to professionals, you no longer have to keep up on all of the regulations for this particular process. Since it is our primary area of business, you can trust Akron Steel Treating to do exactly what is required by regulators to meet your specs and maintain a workplace process that is safe and environmentally sound. Best part: you don’t have to worry about those regulations anymore.

At Akron Steel Treating, heat treatment isn’t just a part of our business; it is our business. Quit spending your time, money, and labor on in-house heat treatment. Let’s partner together to finish an excellent product.

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